TitleSlide_TrainingWelcome to the adventure of church planting! Perhaps it doesn’t yet feel like an adventure but rather like a roller coaster reaching heights of excited anticipation and then plunging into depths of fear and uncertainty.

We know what it’s like, because we’ve walked in your shoes. As NAMB church planting wives, we’ve created training materials that meet you where you’re at in all the highs and lows of church planting.

Through various means–videos, podcasts, Bible study, and the written word–our goal is to help you put down deep roots in your relationship with Christ, as well as in your community and church plant, and to bear good fruit in all areas of your life. In addition, we’ll host live webinars where you can ask questions of seasoned planter’s wives, and you will have the opportunity to connect and discuss with other wives right here on this site as you go through the training.

Watch as Kathy Litton from NAMB and Christine Hoover, author of The Church Planting Wife and creator of the training content, welcome you and introduce you to this new resource:

Your husband, as you may have already discovered, has hundreds of resources at his disposal as he prepares and begins planting, while you have very few. We hope you will take advantage of the material and connections provided through our training. We created it with you in mind and pray it’s hugely beneficial for you. Here is a sneak peek at the issues we’ll dive into:

  1. Fear and Uncertainty
  2. Adjustment and Transition
  3. Marriage and Family While Planting
  4. Navigating Adversity
  5. Knowing Yourself and the Role (coming soon!)
  6. Team Dynamics (coming soon!)
  7. Resiliency and Endurance in Church Planting (coming soon!)

To find out more about how to use this training and to see the Webinar schedule, download this “How To” form.

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If you have questions about Flourish, please email Kathy Litton. If your questions are regarding this training or the Trained Up site, please email Christine Hoover.